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Social Sunday Interview: Ashley from Sunshine Sticker Co

Written by Vanessa Guerra


Posted on August 21 2016


Hi guys! Thanks for stopping by! I'm super excited to announce that I am starting a new weekly feature on the blog called 'Social Sunday'. This feature will be in two parts. There will be a main 'Social' discussion on Instagram (you can find it at @ThatMoxieChickStudio) and there will be an interview part here on the blog. My hopes are to be social and to help everyone get to know the face behind the business (or the face behind the IG account in some cases). So thank you for joining for us and we hope you'll enjoy this new feature! :)
Today I'll be interviewing a very dear friend who is also an amazing Girl Boss! Please help me welcome Ashley of Sunshine Sticker Co! :)
• Welcome Ashley! Please tell us a bit about yourself :)
Hello! I'm Ashley from Sunshine Sticker Co. I also have another shop M Paper Designs where I sell handmade party supplies. I am from originally from Portland, Oregon but I currently reside in Vancouver, Washington.

• How did you come up with your business name?
Sunshine Sticker Co. was named after my former business partner and I collaborated for a few weeks. We have a huge list of ideas and this was the collective one we agreed upon. 

• What made you want to start your own business?
I am an extremely creative person and I cannot just sit at home and not feel productive all day long. This is what drove me to start both of my handmade businesses.

• How did you you get into planning?
I've always kept a handwritten some what decorated 
calendar. When I started noticing the gorgeous decorated spreads on Instagram it was like I found my people! 

• What's your planning style? Decorative, Functional, or both?
I am a little bit of both. I would say more toward the functional side and I use my bullet journals where I go my memory keeping to be more creative!

• What's your current favorite planner to use?
My current favorite planner is my Webster pages personal size in bright yellow with Sew Much Crafting inserts. 
• What are your top tips for getting/staying organized?
Make manageable, attainable goals! Write them down and a very detailed plan on how to get there. I get up everyday at 5 a.m. to get a few hours of work in before my boys wake up. This also gives me time by myself. It isn't hard to wake up that early because I love my businesses. As soon as my alarm goes off I am wake and excited to feel productive.

• Where do you see yourself both personally and professionally in five years? Personally I cannot wait for my boys to start playing sports and watching them grow up. We've been remodeling our current home for 3 years and almost ready to sell it! I cannot wait to move into our dream home very soon! Professionally I would love to be making a full time income from both or one of my businesses.

• What is your favorite small business that you'd want our readers to check out (doesn't have to be planner related)?
I am absolutely obsessed with Urban Oreganics. Emily the owner makes the most fabulous vegan skin care. I am very fortunate to also call her my friend.
Thanks for having me Vanessa! You're an inspirational Boss Babe!
Awww! Thank YOU for joining me today on my first ever Social Sunday interview!
To connect with Ashley you can find her here:
IG: @sunshinestickerco
Also, use code: SUNSHINE25 for 25% off both shops!

Don't forget to join us over on Instagram to join in today's discussion! Today's question is: If you could sit down and plan with someone past or present, famous o or average Joe, who would it be?
Looking forward to seeing your answers! :)



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